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An Arm That Can Strike – A Blow (2023)
video installation, 11' 55'' - series of posters, 42 x 59,4 cm - book, 18,5 x 25,5 cm, 30 pp  -  A dependance between formal/lasting and  informal/temporary structures occurs. With a focus on dimension and shaping a visual language, in accordance with the limitations that come with it, the project encompasses the screening of films and the correlation between a work and its surrounding space. A search for where subject and space possibly blur into each other.

The video installation was shown again at To Be Antwerp in Kavka, under the title 'The Movement'.
Rovers Film Club
video installations - series of posters, 42 x 59,4 cm - series of printed matter, various sizes  -  The club started with the idea to create a curated enviroment for films. It began as an exercise in communication and space, exploring how to engage with an audience.
A number of screenings had an extension to them: a small publication which provided more context, imagery and a way for the audience to share their thoughts. This addition served as a connecting point to the other screenings and to the public. It was also a way to explore the visual language of the entire project.

The program showed a total of six films: three pre-existing and three of my own. All of them sharing similar themes and concepts. It was important to stick to the theme of temporality. Each screening came with a structure which reflected that impermanence, but which would also serve as a remnant of the film. Once the film was over, what would remain of it outside of your memory?
An Arm That Can Strike – A Blow (2023)
video installation, 11' 55'' -  The final film in the series, which shares its name with the entire project. With a focus on space, installation and heterotopia, the film tries to share a narrative about growing up and evolving. The script at the bottom served as a optional narrative for the film, but more so as a remnant to the project. Watch the first 2 minutes here.
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