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Thibaut Smet
(Antwerp, 2000)  - Thibaut Smet is a filmmaker and graphic designer based in Antwerp. With his installations and publications he explores imagemaking as a way to catch the ephemeral. His process involves working extensively by hand, embracing analogue techniques which allow the unconscious to play a role in his creative process, bringing out a sense of longing and escaping. For this, he uses his own intimate and vulnerable encounters and recontextualizes them in the form of structures which serve as both the topic of the movies and the spacial installation to show the film. These screenings play with the importance of community in his work.

2023 - To Be Antwerp, Kavka, Antwerp
2023 - Fast LifeArsenaal, Gentbrugge
2023 - In Our Fingertips From All That Use, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
2022 - Bachelor exhibition, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
2018 - Aborescence, Kasteel Sterckshof, Antwerp


2018 - 4e prijs: Lions Club wedstrijd


2022 - Bachelor's Degree - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Antwerp
2023 - Master's Degree - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Antwerp
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